Why do we charge a flat rate?

Many companies in the area charge their visit rate plus add-ons for medication, extra pets, 15min extra, quick walks, weekend rates, and after-hour rates.  Why would a company do this when you have a specific time for their visit?  How long does medication take to administer? If you want a quick walk, how much additional time is that for another $6?  Lots of questions arise. 

Pamper Ur Pet makes it simple.  We want to schedule the correct amount of time needed for each visit based on what needs to be accomplished within your visit time. For example, you have two dogs, two cats, and a hamster.  Great, are the dogs slow at eating their food or fast at eating their food?  Do we need to sit with them while they eat, or are they free-fed?  All these questions matter.

Timing is important


Could we do the visit in 20 mins…probably but why not extend that to 30 mins to ensure we can allow enough time for each dog to eat, get fresh water, go out and potty while we eat the cats, and refresh their water.  Right before we leave, we can look in on the hamster and ensure there is food, water, and scoop wet bedding as needed.  We may even have a few extra mins for some cuddles.  Who doesn’t love cuddling or playtime?  We charge a flat rate based on time, not on additional pets or needs of the home.  Instead, we would pamper them and give each pet our full attention, then rush and make mistakes while it costs us more. 

On the surface, our charges are high, but once you break them down, we are about average.  We believe in premium service for each dog, cat, or small animal we pet sit for instead of al la carting for each additional option we could be doing.

Pricing Explained


For example, you can have a 20 min drop-in visit for your cat, who needs hypothyroid medication, and a dog who needs to be pottied.  Pamper Ur Pet $25 – competition $25 plus $2 for an additional pet, $1 for medication administration, that’s $28, but they are still only there for 20 mins.  If they go over time, now you are paying an additional $8 for 15 mins.  Now you are paying $28 plus $15 = $33.  Pamper Ur Pet, you can know that everything is completed for $35 at 30 mins, and no additional charges are needed.  We are $2 more than the competition, and there are no surprise charges by the end of the visit.  Which would you instead do?