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If you’re planning on taking a trip or you have to go out of town, it can be comforting to know that your home is being looked after while you’re away. An easy way to do this is to work with someone you know and trust and get them to regularly check in on your space while you’re gone. Working with someone you trust gives you the peace of mind that they are truly looking after your home while following any instructions or requests that you may have given them prior to leaving. Making it look like someone is there makes it easier to deter thieves or unwanted visitors and gives a sense the property is protected. Nothing compares to the feeling of reassurance when a trusted individual keeps an eye on your home while you’re away. Pamper Ur Pet is the best house-sitting and pet-sitting company in Georgetown, Texas. Our team works according to your desires and convenience. You can also add additional requests or services that you would like us to do in your absence. We take pride in helping our respected customers with their needs. Call us today to get a free quote.

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Our services are geared around drop in services. We provide customized house-sitting services to meet all of our customer’s needs and requests. We check in every day and help with what may need to be addressed in your absence.

20 Min Drop In

We will come to the home to water plants, check mail, rotate lights, and take in or out trash bins at the curb.

30 Min Pampering Session

We will check in your house for watering plants, check mail, rotate lights, and take in or out trash bins at the curb. Drip faucets in the water as needed for wintertime. Check on pools, ponds, feed outside fish, etc.

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Exploring the world around them is a great way to keep your pup’s mind and body active. Treat their strolls as an adventure, pointing out new sights like wild animals or other friendly pups they can meet along the way – plus, all that activity will help burn off energy for a restful sleep.

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Unfortunately, we do not offer over night services at this time. 

We can check the house and report back to you so you have peace of mind everything is fine, or we will let you know in case of an emergency.


Service hours will be set between the client and us. Below are just office hours when we are available to take your calls.

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