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Welcome to Pamper UR Pet! 

As animal lovers, we all want our pets to live happily and be well taken care of. Whenever any urgency happens, and we need to travel away for work or a trip, knowing your furbaby is well cared for in your absence is crucial to enjoying that time away. Choosing the right people can be overwhelming and stressful. If you are new to the area and don’t have trustworthy friends to make recommendations, or you may have had a bad experience with a dog sitter/walker and find it hard to make a decision. No communication, no reliability, no photos (how dare they!). Regardless of your past experiences, We’re here to place your fears at ease because a pet’s life shouldn’t be about being caged up and scared and afraid. It’s meant to be happy and comfortable and full of zoomies! You can rely on us; we prefer customer satisfaction over everything.

We are already serving hundreds of happy customers, and their positive feedback and trust in our pet-sitting services are everything to us.

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Pamper Ur Pet was established in 2017 with the purpose of giving pet owners the relief that even if they are away from their pets, they are well taken care of. We understand that pets are like your family, and we treat them like family members. Faith, the owner of PUP, worked within boarding kennels for years, and every week pet parents would drag their poor dogs in and say, “This is our only option,” or “It is only for a few days, and we’ll be back.” It was so heartbreaking! Pet sitting at your home is the alternative pet care. They stay home with their own routines, sleep on their own bed, and live in their environment. This reduces stress on them and you.

We are a dedicated staff who works hard for you and your pets to ensure you and your pets have a worry-free experience. Our staff is background checked, CPR and 1st aid trained, and we have years of experience. We are up to date on all the pet industry trends with training, nutrition, pet care, medical care ideas, mental/physical exercises, and, most importantly, how to love your pets the way they like.

Over the years, we have learned what concerns or frustration pet parents feel when they need to go out of town. They are anxious, worried, stressed, and sometimes sick to their stomachs, leaving their pets like family members behind. Pets feel when you aren’t at your best, and it can make them more nervous too. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to pack your bags and give everyone their kisses like a normal day, then leave knowing the pet is getting all the love and care they receive from you?

We have a 4-point guarantee to calm your fears and concerns to ensure you know you have the right pet care in place. We want you to feel you are still here with us even though you are on the beach relaxing or at a work conference, working on the best speech. Regardless of where you are, you will receive fun, smiling pictures of what is happening at home. We are here to keep your mind at ease, knowing your pets are having fun with their extended family within their home. It is a refreshing and pleasant experience to get back to your home and your pets.

Your reliability on us is something we are very passionate about when it comes to pet care. We want to give your pets a fun and stress-free experience so that when you come back, you have the same happy wagging tails as you do every time you come home with extra excitement. We want your pet to decide if they want pets, cuddles, playtime, and/or walks on their own time and way. Some pets show love from a distance by sitting in the same room with you. Some pets like to wash your whole face with kisses etc.
There are other pets who have a working mind and would rather enjoy a puzzle toy or a long walk. We are here to follow their routines in their way and give them all the pleasant experiences they love. We want YOU, the pet parent, to have a worry-free experience by allowing them to be their true selves and for you to know they are well cared for in your absence.


1. Meet & Greet

We will come to you and meet your pet to help them get familiar with us and our smells! It's a crucial step in making them comfortable, and it helps us learn more about what makes them comfortable.

2. Arrival Window

Have peace of mind knowing we will arrive within a 3 hr window. For example, Morning check-in could be from 6-9 am.

3. Photos

Get flooded with quality photos of your happy pet while you are away. Seeing their happy faces can be reassuring that they are in great hands, and there is no better proof than their smiles.

4. Report

With each visit, we will send a detailed report to you with updates on how they were when we came for their visit. Our reports allow pet owners to feel like they are still at home with their pets.

Our guarantee ensures pet parents that their furry family members will receive the best care possible. We arrive on time, perform our duties and provide pictures of happy pets to keep owners connected while away from home. With reports outlining the quality services provided, your pet is sure to feel safe and happy right at home.


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    Why People Choose Us?

    Can you deny these faces? Take a look at some of our happy pals that we took care of on Instagram below, and see for yourself the pure joy they get by seeing us.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We care for dogs, cats, small animals like hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, mice, and pretty much anything you can buy at a pet store. We do not care for birds – they can be within the home, but we won’t get them out or play with them, as there is a huge chance that they will fly away in most cases. We just feed them and provide them with water as needed.
    Exotic pets – call and inquire (we may be able to care for them; it depends on what it is)

    If we notice some unusual behavior in your pets after our visits, we can try a few additional things to entertain them while we are gone, like giving them exercise, puzzle toys, and different fun activities that they might like (add-ons – after we leave).

    We are the only pet care company that offers a 4-point guarantee to put you at ease. Meet & greet, dedicated time window, photos, and a detailed report after each visit to keep you in the loop! Or, if you want us to do anything else to show you that we are taking care of your pets properly, possibly for your satisfaction, we will gladly help.

    What makes you different from other service providers?
    • We don’t charge any hidden fee or expense for multi-pets, medications, watering plants, mail, or trash bins. We just need the correct amount of time to do all the needed. We will provide you with a complete quote based on the services you want from us. Our prices are market competitive.
    • We are the only company that provides a 4-point guarantee
    • We are fear free certified and use fear-free techniques during all services.
    • CPR and 1st aid certified
    • Background checked and experienced staff.

    Contact Information

    Service hours will be set between client and us. 

    This is just office hours and availability to take calls etc. 

    Stacy Rawlins
    Stacy Rawlins
    January 8, 2023
    My fur babies are always in great hands and look so forward to their walks, loves and treats. We also use them when we travel since our house sitter isn’t always able to take them on walks.
    Den Wuthrich
    Den Wuthrich
    January 8, 2023
    We highly recommend Pamper Ur Pet. We originally hired them to walk our dogs as we were having such a miserable time walking the dogs, because they behaved so badly while walking. Faith and her team worked miracles with our dogs and now it is a pleasure for us to walk them every day. We then started using them for pet sitting when we would take our annual vacations and they were wonderful. They sent us updates every day and pictures of our fur babies. Our dogs and kitties love Faith and her team and are always so excited to see them. Again, highly recommend this business!
    Jonathan Tart-Hisaw
    Jonathan Tart-Hisaw
    March 4, 2022
    They are amazing. They love my dogs and are so good to them.
    Sara Rancour
    Sara Rancour
    March 3, 2022
    I have a rather anxious rescue named Ross who doesn’t do super well in a room full of other dogs. I love coming here because of their one in, one out system. It lets Ross get individual attention without having to wait in a kennel surrounded by other dogs until it’s his turn. Sarah is always so kind and patient with him, and he always comes out looking and smelling fresh! He is not a fan of having his nails trimmed, but Sarah takes her time and always does a great job of getting them nice and short! They always send me cute photos of his progress, and on his first visit I even received a holiday card with his paw print on it! I plan to keep coming back as long as I am in the area!
    Sherri Jones
    Sherri Jones
    February 26, 2022
    Yaya and I love the time with these great people. Yaya is calm and happy when I pick her up and smells great. I think that says it all.
    Paul Avery
    Paul Avery
    February 13, 2022
    The only company I trust my animals with. They're very detail oriented, and are great with all our pets.
    J C
    J C
    January 24, 2022
    We absolutely love Savannah, she does amazing work with our old English bulldog Haggard our small dog Pearl that has wirey hair. Our dogs are always excited to go see her without any hesitation.
    Robi Hamilton
    Robi Hamilton
    January 22, 2022
    Savannah was amazing with my selectively nervous girl Libby. The weather was awful, and Libby had some trepidation with walking on the slippery floors, but rather than force her into doing what made her uncomfortable, Savannah brought the grooming supplies to where Libby felt comfortable. She took her time, waited for Libby's consent, and went at her pace. She did a wonderful job and made it seem effortless even with a slightly squirmy dog. I could tell how much Savannah cared for my pup by the time and patience she gave her. I have another nail trim already booked and am excited to see the progress Libby makes with more slow-paced, positive grooming experiences.