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Pamper Ur Pet: Behind The Leash

Welcome! My name is Faith, and I am the owner of Pamper Ur Pet! I am originally from Indianapolis, IN but have called central Texas home since 2007. My husband Dustin and I met at Ball State University. After graduating he moved to Texas, and I followed after graduating a year later. 

We were married in 2008.  In 2011, we welcomed our daughter, Audrey. Life has been non-stop sense lol.
Our pet family consists of two Golden Retrievers, Mr. Blue and Oliver. A French Bulldog named Groot. And two rescue kitties, Chai and Latte.

We like to spend our time watching the latest Netflix or Paramount shows. We are big time TV watchers – I have no shame! We like to travel – so far, our favorite places have been Panama City Beach, FL, the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, and Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. I am also a HUGE fan of the Indianapolis Zoo.

My hobbies include our pets, photography, chasing sun rises and sunsets, and watching my daughter ride horses.

About our passions

My career has been in retail management with companies like as Best Buy, Target, and CarMax where I learned more about business, customer service and sales. I truly feel working here has helped me the the business owner I am today. In 2012, I left the retail world to go back to school and get my masters degree in Project Management. During this time, I was a stay at home mom and needed something to do outside the house and applied for a kennel tech job at a near by pet boarding facility. Here is where the journey really began.

Working in boarding facilities, I learned about grooming, dog language, dog training, fear free/positive reinforcement practices and so much more. I was able to take my management experience within retail and help this little mom and pop place develop their employees, business structure, and I learned more about dogs than I thought possible. I worked for 2 years through so much more. My husband was hearing about lay offs at work and I had to leave for a “big girl job” once again. 1 year later, another kennel in area heard about me and asked for me to come work for them. They were offering me a position I couldn’t refuse and took the position. This is where I learned more about dog training, fear free/positive reinforcement and so much more. The longer I worked in the kennel world, the more I realized how important it was for pet parents to have another option for their pets besides boarding. They needed to be at home! Weekly I heard a pet parent to tell me, “They hate it here but we don’t have any other option” or “Please eat babe, we will be back in 3 days”. Every time it broke my heart!

Pamper Ur Pet was born in November 2017 when I knew I had to allow pets to be at home so they didn’t get sick, they would eat, and more importantly how I could change lives of pets and their pet parents by educating clients that there is another option.

Our Philosophy

What we believe in

Core values are:
Family – We want the pets and their owners to feel they are a part of a family with us. We address them as family in social posts and emails. It gives a sense of community.

Integrity- We hold ourselves to the highest level of standards and take pride in our reputation for the care we provide to your pets. 

Communication- Our 4-point guarantee is to ensure that you are getting the services that you are paying for.  You understand who is coming to your home, when we are going to be there, what we said we would do, is actually what we are doing, pictures to show the pets within the home are enjoying themselves, and reports to allow you to to feel like you are still at home with them.  

Consistency – No matter who does your visit, we are delivering the same level of care, communication, and service.

Worry free – We want to give a worry-free experience to both owner and pet – they have a great staycation while you vacation.

Education – We are here to help you with your pet’s needs. During visits if we notice a change in routine that could help, aspects of the pets physical health, or anything else, we will reach out and provide insights and recommendations based on our experience.  

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