The meet and greet

As apart of our 4 point guarantee, we want to meet you and your pets prior to all services we do.  

  Meet and greets put everyone in the house at ease.  You know who we are, what we smell like and that we are there to pamper them like you do.  We get a tour where everything is within the home regarding the pets we are caring for.  We put all this information in our client portal, Time to Pet.  
  The first visit goes so much smoother for your pets and us which gives you peace of mind while you are away.


Our Grooming Clients

On your first appt, we encourage the person who really wants the groom to be a certain way to be the one who meets the groomer.  This applies to both mobile and our luxury salon.  This way, we ask questions, feel through their coat, and really understand your needs and wants.  This is where our first step of trust with both human and pet starts.  From here, we build on it.

Our Pet Pampering Clients

  • For you (the human)
    • We are going to be coming into your home and we respect that.  We want to make sure you know what we look like, our names, our interests, and how long we have worked with Pamper Ur Pet (PUP).
    • Ask us all the questions!  We have nothing to hide and are passionate about the work we do.  When it comes to caring for your furry kids, no question is not important.
  • For your pets
    • They need to gain our smells, see who we are, your reaction to us.  This helps them know the next time they see us, we mean fun playtime, cuddles, food, and/or walking.
    • Trust me…that’s always what they want.  ALL THE ATTENTION on them.  Best ever!

Interested? Awesome!  We can’t wait to meet you and your pets!

Click the button to the left to see all the ways to reach us.  If you would prefer us to contact you, please fill out the short form and someone will contact you as soon as possible!